Center of Distinction for Ears and Hearing Abnormalities at Northeast ENT & Allergy

Northeast ENT & Allergy prides itself on its audiologic and otologic expertise. From early childhood we deal with children’s eustachian tube dysfunction which often times leads to chronic middle ear fluid and/or recurrent sinus infections requiring antibiotics. In select cases, patients are recommended for myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion for their ears to significantly improve the health and hearing of our pediatric population. Diseases of the ears in older individuals may involve the middle ear (area behind the eardrums) or the mastoid bone which surrounds the middle ear. Surgery to correct abnormalities here include tympanoplasty (eardrum surgery), mastoidectomy (removing disease from the mastoid), or combination therapy. We treat an inherited disorder associated with hearing loss called “otosclerosis”, either with hearing aid fitting or surgical treatment.

Our audiologic section is outstanding with three Doctoral trained audiologists. Dr. Libby Persons does most of our diagnostic audiology testing. Dr. Mary Hunting does electrophysiologic testing (for hearing and balance) as well as diagnostic testing. Finally, Dr. Beth Cavalieri is our Hearing Aid Specialist/Dispenser.