Center of Distinction for Disturbances, Swallowing/Voice Aberrations

Northeast ENT and Allergy treats a variety of vocal and swallowing problems. With the help of videostroboscopy (using a video strobe and camera to slow vocal motion down to make appropriate diagnoses regarding laryngeal pathology), we can diagnose a variety of vocal pathologic conditions and can recommend treatment, either medical of surgical, for betterment of the voice. A cine-barium swallow can help us with diagnosing esophageal disorders. One of the more common diagnoses seen often today in our office is laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) caused by gastric acid reflux. This condition causes burning of the posterior laryngeal tissues, and furthermore, causes difficulty in swallowing often times referred to as a “lump in the throat.” These patients often times present with frequent throat clearing and coughing. Medical management is usually most effective in treating this condition. Finally, when appropriate, surgical treatment may be rendered to the patient for significant vocal-esophageal pathology.