Center of Distinction for  Allergy – Northeast ENT & Allergy

Our office treats a variety of allergic complaints including:

  • Chronic runny nose
  • Itchy, water eyes
  • Itchy throat
  • Nasal-sinus problems such as chronic runny nose or chronic sinusitis
  • Itching in the ear canals
  • Bothersome eustachian tube dysfunction and ear popping
  • Chronic middle ear fluids/infection

Treatment can involve medication, both over the counter and/or prescription medications, including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications and a variety of different types of nasal sprays that are safe to use.

If appropriate the patient can be tested with invitro (via blood draws) allergy testing, or skin testing and might undergo avoidance therapy, particularly on the home front, or the patient may be considered a candidate for allergy shot therapy (desensitization). For both these forms of testing and treatment we work in close contact with Allergy Associates of New Hampshire in the local area.