Center of Distinction for Head and Neck Abnormalities at Northeast ENT & Allergy

Northeast ENT and Allergy handles numerous abnormalities associated with the Head and Neck. They include, among others, abnormal lumps or masses in the oral cavity, throat, or hypopharynx (internal areas around the voice box). We treat vocal pathology with either recommendation for voice treatment or via surgical means. For the external neck we concern ourselves with the neck masses of all kinds – abnormal lymph nodes, salivary gland inflammation or tumors, congenital neck masses, etc. We are considered thyroid and parathyroid specialists and diagnose and treat these diseases with medication. We also involve ourselves with biopsy of the thyroid gland when appropriate and possible surgical treatment of the thyroid if so necessary.

We treat cancer of the Head and Neck (both internal and external) and whenever necessary involve the care of our local talented radiotherapists and chemotherapists at our local hospitals who also have a direct line of communication and expertise with Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover, New Hampshire and Dana Farber Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.